Jakob Sekinger
Siebdruck- und Offsetdruckmaschinen

Gewerbestr. 1
77794 Lautenbach

Telefon: (07802) 2591-92
Fax: (07802) 5402

Standort im Gewerbegebiet
von Lautenbach:

Gewerbestr. 1
77794 Lautenbach

E-mail: info@sekinger-druckmaschinen.de
We are the Agency for dry offset and silk-screen machines of the OMSO Company
for the areas: Germany, Bosnia Herzigovina, Croatia, Serbian republic, Slovenia, Macedonia and Turkey.

We maintain our own spare parts depot at the location Gewerbestr. 1
in D-77794 Lautenbach, Germany.

We to buy or take used machines in payment.
The machines are overhauled if necessary or repaired by us.

Consider our current supply at used machines.

If you are interested or have a question please contact us.